5 Things Being in the Workforce Has Taught Me

Welcome to my first post! I thought I’d talk about what being a working adult has taught me this far. Now I’ve only been in the workforce for a few months but I’ve learned my fair share of lessons thus far and thought I’d share my words of wisdom.

  1. Appreciate the small things….. like snack cart Thursday’s. Every Thursday afternoon, my office has a snack cart that members of the team push around. Usually it’s a newer hire because it’s a great way to meet everyone in our office. Last week I missed the snack cart and it just about ruined my Thursday. My co-workers and I IM each other when we hear the cart rolling around the office so we make sure we’re at our desks. It’s a highlight of my work week!
  2. Speaking of snacks, keep your desk stocked with all of your favorites. You use a lot of brain power from 9-5 and it’s very easy to get hangry. I experienced a few work days where lunch doesn’t happen until 3pm and snacks saved the day. Some of my favorites are Lemon Zest Luna Bars and Trader Joes cranberry trail mix.
  3. If you’re lucky enough to have a desk of your own, decorate! I cannot tell you how much of a difference my flamingo push pins, floral coaster and pen assortment have made. I only have a temporary desk right now but when I get my permanent one you can bet I’ll step up my decorating game.
  4. Always carry your ID badge! In my first few weeks at my office I had a temporary ID badge until my real one came in with my photo. What I didn’t know was that my temporary badge’s access to my floors expired at 5pm this particular day. To add to this story, the bathrooms on my floor were under renovation so we had to go up a floor. My day ends at 5:30, I think you can guess where this story is going; most people in the office leave at 5 and this is when I get stuck in the stairwell. I was heading back downstairs and my badge wouldn’t open the stairwell door. I thought I was stranded and would have to go down 19 floors to the lobby to get back into the building. Luckily someone heard my knocking and let me in. Moral of the story, always have it on you AND hope that it works! Also on that note, always keep a sweater at your desk. Office buildings are always freezing cold!
  5. Office politics are a very real thing and you will find it annoying at first. Every office has them and it’s something that takes a little bit to get used to. Something that you may think isn’t a bid deal may end up being the biggest hassle but just understand that everyone is doing their best. Learning to navigate this is just another part of “adulting”.

I hope you enjoyed! What were some of the first things you learned when you entered the workforce?




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